Liberal National Coalition Wins Majority Government

Australians have returned Scott Morrison to the Prime Minister’s office in a stunning victory on Saturday, defying the political establishment to win back majority Government.

The Liberal National Coalition are expected to secure a primary vote of around 41%. With the Liberals leading convincingly in the seats of Wentworth and Boothby, they will be able to govern in their own right. Counting continues in the seat of Chisholm in Victoria and Bass in Tasmania where they are ahead.

Federal Labor is reeling today following this completely unexpected loss. With a primary vote of just under 31%, they have lost several seats in Queensland and Tasmania, and there are three others that aren’t clear as yet – Lilley in QLD, Macquarie in NSW and Cowan in WA.

Many of these races will be decided by postal votes and given older voters are likely to utilise them, the coalition may see stronger gains in these seats. We’ll keep you updated on the count this week as well as the contest for Federal Labor Leader.