Australia Votes 2019 Results


Today Australians voted to choose who would represent them in the 46th Parliament and over the next few hours, we’ll post all the major results and news in the comments below and on our other sites.

Key Points
– The Coalition is on track to either achieve majority or minority government, following wins in key seats like Herbert and Longman in QLD, Braddon in Tas and Lindsay in NSW.
– It is unsure if the large pre-poll figure will effect the swings to the government.
– Tony Abbott has lost his seat of Warringah in NSW
– Labor is winning support in VIC, but not enough to bring about a big enough swing for seat changes.

1:13am | Final comment for tonight – what a wild ride that was! Thanks for joining us and we’re stoked that you have chosen us to get your results from.
We will update you as the final 5 seats are decided over the next few days – here’s the national seat count!

12:00am | “I have always believed in miracles” declares Scott Morrison who says the quiet Australians have won a great victory tonight.

11:30pm | Bill Shorten has called Scott Morrison to concede defeat. In a speech he said “I know that you are all hurting and i am too… it is obvious that Labor will not be able to form the next government and so in the national interest I called Scott Morrison to congratulate him.

He confirmed he will not stand as leader of the Labor Party.

11:00pm | Results in from WA suggest that the Government is holding its seats. Pearce was going to be a challenge for them, be it seems they have retained it comfortably with a 2.9% swing to him.

10:40pm | Well then, this was an unexpected night. We are waiting on the leaders to speak and it looks like the result wont be known tonight because there are several seats that are too close to call.

10:10pm | Time for an independent update. Helen Haines has won Indi, but Rob Oakeshott and Kevin Mack have failed in their bids to take a seat from government members.

9:40pm | Labor has won Dunkley in Victoria – this appears to be the only significant gain for Labor in Victoria at present. Labor are ahead in Chisholm.

9:15pm | Labor has lost Longman with a swing of 4% against it. It won it convincingly in 2016.

9:05pm | The primary vote for the Liberals is still low at around 40% which means the Liberal victory tonight is brought to you by Clive Palmer’s preference deal. His first preferences are flowing back to the Liberals.

8:40pm | Robertson on the NSW north coast has a lot of retirees who were concerned about the changes to dividend imputation. It looks like this was a factor in the seat being retained by Lucy Wicks

8:30pm | The most marginal seat in the country, Herbert in Queensland has been won by the Liberal Party. Queensland is swinging towards the Liberals

8:20pm | NSW is swinging towards the Liberals, but the trend is the opposite for the people of Gilmore who have chosen to change to Labor.

8:10pm | In Tassie, Labor have lost Braddon, with a 5% swing towards the government. Labor are losing ground in the state with Bass also under threat. WA will be crucial – the polls have just closed there.

8:00pm | As predicted Lindsay has been won by the Liberals.

7:40pm | Tony Abbott has lost his seat on current projections, bringing to an end his political career of almost two decades. Zali Steggall has secured a massive 45% of the primary vote and on 2 party preferred a swing away from him of greater than 20%.

7:30pm | In many races, there are swings towards the Government, particularly in Queensland and the prime example is Petrie which has had a 6% swing. This should worry Labor significantly as they should be picking this up without effort. Having written this, Victoria is no picnic for Scott Morrison at the moment.

7.05pm | One hour in and we have some interesting initial results. Government seats in QLD appear to be holding up, including in Dickson, Longman and Herbert with slight swings to the LNP. Gilmore in NSW is looking good for Labor and Tony Abbott has a large swing against him. Banks in NSW looking ok for the Coalition as well.

6.20pm | The Nine Galaxy exit poll has indicated a 52-48 win to Labor (80+ seats), stronger than the Newspoll today. When asked for what was important to them, Voters indicated health and Medicare first, followed by cost of living, climate change, the economy and leadership.

6.10pm | We won’t receive any meaningful results for around an hour. This is because the first results that arrive are rural booths that are often conservative.
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