Seats To Watch | Tasmania

The results from Tasmania in the last election were most the surprising across the country, with all Liberal lower house MP’s thrown out in favor of Labor candidates. If you want to be a politician you’re better off to not stand in Tasmania because your career will be short lived! 
In 2019 lobbying groups like GetUp! have diverted campaign resources to other seats like Waringah and Dickson. These resources were crucial in the race in Braddon (ALP 1.7%) which swung to Labor by around 2,000 votes.
Bass (ALP 5.4%) is the other one to watch as its changed hands five times since 2001 and the government believes it has a good chance of winning back these seats.
The government had high hopes for the seat of Lyons (ALP 3.8%), but they sadly disappeared when the candidate was sacked for saying stupid things!