Seats To Watch | Western Australia

Our friends in the West have a few crucial races to watch! Here’s a quick snapshot.

The biggest contest in the west is for the seat of Pearce (Lib 3.6%), which sits to the north east of Perth. The sitting MP is the Attorney-General Christian Porter who suffered a 5.6% swing away from him in 2016, placing him danger this Saturday. Campaign resources have been brought into his seat to counteract lobby groups like GetUp! who are seeking to remove this potential leadership aspirant from the parliament.

Cowan (Lab 0.07%) was another surprise win that was snatched up in 2016 and sits on a wafer thin margin of 1,106 votes. The Labor member is Dr Anne Aly and sits in the most marginal seat in the state. With Labor now in power at the state level, and a recent poll suggesting a swing towards her of 0.03%, this is a prime example of a seat where preferences will be key.

Two other seats to watch: The Minister for Indigenous Health and Aged Care is under threat from losing the seat of Hasluck (Lib 2.1%) – Ken Wyatt has been the member since 2010 and this is a key seat for Labor. Michael Keenan is retiring at this election and whilst his seat of Stirling (Lib 6.1%) is considered safe, the Liberals are concerned that Keenan has a high personal vote. If the personal (aka popularity) vote is removed, this seat could be in play.