All eyes on Tasmania as campaign rolls on

After spending some time in WA, both leaders ended up in Tasmania today. Scott Morrison visited the seat of Braddon with a focus on agriculture, specifically international trade and investment. He visited local Apple growers and an agriculture show.

Bill Shorten is in Burnie, continuing his climate change campaign, visiting factories and talking to workers about renewable energy jobs. This comes days after he announced a plan from Labor to place solar panels on the roofs of schools to reduce greenhouse emissions.

Also, both Health ministers went head to head in a debate at the National Press Club today.

It’s around this time in the campaign that several potential political careers bite the dust due to comments made by candidates on social media or Section 44 accidents. To date the Coalition have lost 9 candidates, Labor 2 and One Nation 1. The names of these folks are still printed on the ballot papers and voters could still vote for them, despite the parties walking away from them.

Those suffering from sleep deprivation are encouraged to watch the first leaders debate which took place on Monday night with both leaders making it through the hour with little damage due to the format of the debate – 60 second answers and predictable topics for discussion. The next debate is on tomorrow night.