Welcome to week three

We’re now into week three of the election campaign and with the holiday period you can now expect it to ramp up!

On Friday the Prime Minister visited the Queensland electorate of Herbert (Lab 0.02%) – the most marginal seat in the country – touring small businesses and announced $60 million to support an apprenticeship program in the region. The Coalition preference deal with Clive Palmer’s United Australia Party has been confirmed – Coalition voters will be asked to put the UAP as their second preference.

Bill Shorten was in Melbourne highlighting Labor’s policy platform for women and families. He announced $660 million of funding for families who need assistance in domestic violence situations including legal assistance and emergency housing.

The traditional argument about leaders debates has erupted with Scott Morrison accusing Bill Shorten of seeking to partake in debates that wouldn’t attract a large audience. The pair have agreed to debate on 7Two tonight and on Sky News this Friday.

Both the ABC and Channel 9 put requests for debates to both leaders – Scott Morrison said yes, but Bill Shorten’s office declined the invitation. This might seem like a trivial issue but it’s actually a crucial part of a election campaign – the public should see the leaders in action and agreeing to debates on minor channels with little audiences gives voters less opportunities to see them in action – watch this space.