Promises for young and old

Both major parties held supporter rallies and announced some big policies yesterday.

Labor has revealed how it will spend the money it gains from its changes to dividend imputation. $4 billion will be spent increasing childcare subsidies for families and $537 million will be spent to deliver pay rises to workers in the childcare industry. Pensioners have also scored a big win, with $2.4 billion commitment to give them $500 free dental treatment each year for 4 years.

Scott Morrison spent the day discussing congestion in capital cities and the nations current immigration levels, and he confirmed that government will cap the nations immigration rate to 160,000 places per year, of which 18,750 would be refugee places. Today he announced that 3 additional defence ships would be built in WA at a cost of $1 billion.

Two other important things are happening today: The leaders will debate for the first time tonight at 7pm AEST and pre-polling is now open, with up to 30% of Australians casting their vote before May 18.