Liberal Party Changes Leadership Rules

A week ago today Scott Morrison called an unexpected late-night meeting of the Liberal Party to consider new rules about leadership changes.

Leadership spill rules in the party were pretty vague: previously 2 people writing to the party whips were sufficient to call on a spill. In August, Turnbull demanded the majority of party room to sign a petition.

After consulting John Howard and Tony Abbott (but not Malcolm? 🧐), Morrison introduced a higher bar for a spill – 75% of the party room is required to call a meeting when the party is in government.

These rules only apply to PM’s who have been ‘chosen by the people’ and don’t apply to when the party is in opposition. To change these leadership rules in the future also requires 75% of the party room.

Both parties now have spill rules and it remains to be seen if they will work. You’ll have to wait a few years.