Julia Banks Resigns from the Liberal Party

Victorian MP Julia Banks has resigned from the Liberal Party, defecting to the cross bench.

Ms Banks, who was first elected in 2016, has been the most outspoken MP over the treatment Malcolm Turnbull, the behaviour of conservatives and the treatment of women in the Liberal Party.

Her defection means that she is now free to vote on any particular issue, and is said to have a keen interest in referring Peter Dutton to the High Court, establishing a federal corruption commission, and getting refugees off Nauru.

This brings nothing but pain for Scott Morrison. He now has 74 votes and will have to rely on two independents. Her state seat of Chisholm in Victoria is on a knife edge, and some state seats that sit within the same area were won by Labor for the first time last Saturday.

She will give confidence and supply and has indicated that she will think about her future in politics over the Christmas break, which could mean she will stand as an independent.