Political Page Turners: Road To Ruin

“There were so many warnings, so much advice from so many people to Abbott, at so many different times, on so many different levels. He ignored them all.”

The Road To Ruin examines life inside the Abbott administration. With great detail, Sava reveals how the office of Prime Minister functioned with Tony Abbott in charge and how his chief of staff, Peta Credlin, affected working relationships inside the cabinet and government.

The pair were a powerful force in opposition, corralling the Coalition from a rabble, to an alternative Government in remarkable time. But did the duo’s uncompromising nature ultimately lead them to an early exit from the highest office in the land?

The biggest asset to this book is the number of staff that have come forward to tell their stories; an often difficult task as speaking out can have a negative effect on anyone’s career. Credlin had the strength to defy ministers and did it regularly, straining relationships with ministers like Julie Bishop, George Brandis and Christopher Pyne.

The Road to Ruin is published by Scribe and is available for purchase here.