Turnbull Speaks: Party Room Meeting 12pm tomorrow

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Malcolm Turnbull has spoken a short time ago. Here is the road ahead:

– Malcolm Turnbull is yet to receive a petition with 43 signatures.
– If he does, he will call a party room meeting for 12.00pm tomorrow.
– In that time, Turnbull will wait for the advice of the Solicitor General on Peter Dutton’s eligibility to be an MP (he has a possible section 44 issue regarding pecuniary interest).
– If a spill motion is successful at this meeting he will resign as Prime Minister and as an MP, triggering a by-election in his seat of Wentworth.
– The contest will be between Scott Morrison and Peter Dutton.

Through these actions, Turnbull has forced rebel MP’s to put their names to paper, bought time for Morrison to lobby the party room, bought time to damage his opponent with the SG advice, and threatened to send the government into minority by triggering a by-election.

BREAKING – Leadership Spill

#BREAKING Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has declared the leadership vacant, forcing the party room to make a decision.

Peter Dutton has failed to take the leadership – Turnbull has remains prime minister, winning the vote 48 to Peter Dutton’s 35

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