Four issues that harm Hillary Clinton

APTOPIX DEM 2016 ClintonHillary Clinton is on track to become the first President of the United States of America who is a woman (she has a 75.3% chance according to American election specialist Nate Silver at For those outside of the US, she’s been the favourite for some time and there is no comparison between her and Donald Trump. But inside the US, its a different story. Here’s four aspects of Hillary’s career that has made life difficult to secure support over the last few months.

Hillary is a career politician. 
From her job as the first lady to former President Bill Clinton, to her time as a Senator and Sectary of State (our equivalent of a foreign minister), Hillary Clinton has spent more than a quarter of a century as a career politician. Many of her political enemies are using the fact against her quite strongly, and evidence suggests that it’s working. Some of the policies she wants to advance are being easily rebuffed by her opponents – you’ve been in politics for 20 years, why didn’t you do anything beforehand?

Email Server issues.
During her time as Sectary of State Hillary ‘decided’ she wanted to simplify her administration by storing her various email accounts in one dedicated server in her basement. This included her government email address which had extremely sensitive emails on it. Despite nine separate investigations clearing her of wrong doing, certain sections of the community still think she has questions to answer. It’s also alleged that Clinton ‘deleted’ 33,000 emails in an attempt to hide the sensitive nature of them. That fact is denied by her.

Questions over Clinton Foundation donations. 
To be considered as a serious presidential candidate, you must be known for your charity work. Having a foundation is a great way to show you’re contributing back to your community, and the Clinton’s established theirs several years ago. Whilst Hillary was Sectary of State, a number of large donations were made by foreigners and foreign governments. It’s been alleged that these donors have been given priority access to her in her government role as well as some of the donation resulting in aid and development projects, funded by the US into those areas.

The Bengazi attacks. 
If showing charity to your community is important to US voters, then support for US troops pails in comparison to it. As Sectary of State, Hillary was in charge of US consulates across the world and the safety and security of staff within them. In 2012, the US consulate in Bengazi, Lybia was attacked and it resulted in the destruction of some of the compound and loss of American lives. Questions were immediately raised about the level of investment in the security of the compound as well as accusations of a cover up over the attack. The immediate statement from the government suggested that the attack was merely the result of a riot, it subsequently merged that it was a dedicated attack against the compound.

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Baird’s dog racing ban bites the dust


The NSW Premier Mike Baird has announced that his government will formally reverse its decision to ban live Greyhound racing from July 2017. In a stunning backflip powered by outrage from the bush, the Government will allow racing to continue with these conditions:

  • Capping breeding of dogs and introducing a $1,500 bond for each dog and there will be a maximum of 2,000 dogs for racing, to prevent mass slaughter and farming.
  • The government will increase the penalties for those who abuse Greyhounds including jail.
  • The industry will face increased regulation at their cost.
  • The indrustry will reduce the amount of races and sell up to half their tracks. 

This issue has been toxic for the NSW government and has caused major divisions within the Coalition, with the Nationals seeking to reverse the ban, including pressure from the Federal wing of the party and Barnaby Joyce. The state leader of the Nationals was facing a leadership spill on this issue. Legislation to ban the industry has already passed the parliament; new legislation will required to repeal it.

The issue has been a major thorn in the side for the Government, despite popular support for the ban in the cities. The ban was announced in July last year, following a report to the Government that said the industry simply could not be trusted to clean up its act.

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Review: Tempers flare as Clinton and Trump face off for a second time

trump-clintonThe second presidential debate was a microcosm of the election campaign. To put it bluntly, the candidates performance was equally poor. With a month to go, both candidates are shifting their campaign strategies from “come out and vote for me” to “come out and vote for me so my opponent doesn’t win – and here’s fifty-six reasons why.”

The debate was a ‘town hall style’ with questions taken from everyday Americans and two moderators. Both nominees were able to push their own agendas into the forum such as tax returns, email scandals, leadership qualities and the accusations of sexual assault by Bill Clinton. Mr Trump held a press conference and hour before the debate with a panel of women who claimed that they were sexual assault by Bill Clinton. However he took no questions in relation to his comments about women, revealed days ago.

For 90 minutes the pair traversed various topics, beginning with the Trump video and the Clinton email scandal. The pair discussed Obamacare, Islamic immigration, taxes, the Syrian crisis and defeating ISIS. The biggest surprise from this debate was the revelation that Trump and his vice-presidential running mate Mike Pence disagree on how to manage certain aspects of the Syrian crisis.

Trump began the debate in a slow and quiet manner. He interrupted Clinton and the moderators a number of times but had next to no long tangents like the first debate. When asking questions regarding his leaked video on women, Trump suddenly shifted to defeating ISIS and it was uncomfortable to watch.  It’s also clear that from the beginning Trump was using an outsider strategy – continually interjecting which give rise to admonishment from the host. He uses such warnings to portray the concept that he’s being picked on.

Clinton had the opportunity to walk over Trump in this second debate and allow her campaign to roll on as it has for the last month. This clearly was not the case. Clinton’s responses to questions were slow and dull and at many points she slipped into ‘political answer’ mode. She left the door open in discussion many times which allowed Trump to insert his own agenda into the debate at least half a dozen times whether it be who tangents or one liner remarks, such as his commitment to jail Clinton if he becomes president.



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Four reasons why Donald Trump supporters should pack up and go home now


Trump at a rally mocking a disabled journalist in August, 2016.

As Donald Trump’s campaign for president continues to die a horrible death, below we take a look at the top four issues that aggravate the American voter about him. We were planning to publish this story after the second debate tomorrow, but recent events revealed by the Washington Post and the New York Times suggest you need to read it sooner. Many of the events below contribute to the tiny 18% chance he has of winning (according to American election specialist Nate Silver at

The non-existent tax returns.
It’s a rite of passage for presidential candidates to publicly released their tax returns, so that the public can see they are paying their way. For several years now Trump has trotted out the excuse that he is “under audit” from the American Tax Office and can’t release them until the process is complete. This is despite the fact that the office itself has said there is no reason why he can’t do it. The issue exploded last week when The New York Times released leaked documents that effectively show he may not have paid tax for around 20 years, following a big loss in 1995.

Outrageous and dangerous statements regarding women.
Categorising himself as “not a career politician” has been the typical excuse to look over Trump’s past comments. The Republican party can no longer use this excuse anymore with The Washington Post revealing yesterday recordings of Trump expressing views on women that can only be described a misogynistic and disgusting. CNN have uncovered more comments overnight as well. It looks like these comments may be the straw tha broke the camels back for his campaign and many in the Republican party.

Regular use of racial and religious minorities as political capital.
From announcing his policy on banning Islamic immigration to threatening to build a wall between the USA and Mexico (and let’s not forget labeling Mexicans as rapists), Trump has mastered the subtle art of saying outrageous things to garner media outrage and attention from the chattering classes and inserting himself into the media cycle. It leaves the rest of the republican party to ‘clean up’ his comments and wonder when the next outrageous statement is coming. However mainstream Americans (the type which he must win over) are not budging.

The shonky foundation, business deals and university. 
Various questions have been raised on these issues. The Trump University operated for five years from 2005 to 2010. It’s former students are before the courts claiming that the entire operation was a scam. In addition to this, there are a number of former employees of Trump from various businesses who claim they haven’t been paid for their services. However the biggest issue out of all of these is the Trump foundation. It’s quite unclear what the purpose of the foundation is but its been revealed that the foundation has paid legal fees to settle cases against Trump as well as portraits of himself that hang in restaurants he owns.

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Brandis at war with Solicitor General

SENATE SINODINOS DEBATEA legal brawl that’s been brewing for months has exploded earlier this week between the Attorney General, George Brandis and Justin Gleeson, Australia’s Solicitor General. Known as ‘the second law officer of the land’ the job of a Solicitor General is to provide non-partisan legal advice to ministers of the Government as well as consult on bills that the Government want to pass through the parliament, in the hope of preventing successful High Court challenges against the legislation.

Immediately prior to the election, George Brandis muzzled Mr Gleeson by changing the way he can provide his services to the Government; ministers must now seek permission from Brandis – even the Prime Minister. This is something which Mr Gleeson firmly objects to as it interferes with the non-political nature of his role. The tensions had been simmering since the week before the election, but exploded when Mr Gleeson revealed yesterday that he had not been consulted on bills like the same-sex marriage plebiscite, despite Senator Brandis stating he had been in public letter weeks ago.

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Government to outsource Triple O emergency call system

img_1110The Government is seeking expressions of interest in an attempt to outsource the administration of the Triple 0 emergency call system. First floated for outsourcing under the Gillard government in 2012, the system is currently operated inside by Telstra. Triple 0 received more than 8 million calls in 2015 alone. Tender documents released by the Minister for Communications, Senator Mitch Fifield do not confirm that a successful tender needs to operate with Australia. This fact alone is expected to be picked up by Pauline Hansen and other cross-bench Senators when the parliament returns next week – stay tuned.

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First budget savings pass through Senate

budget_1The Coalition have managed to secure the support of Labor to pass more than 6 billion dollars worth of savings from the budget over the next 4 years. The bill, passed by the Senate a fortnight ago, is composed of budget savings measures that Labor put up during the election campaign.

Savings include scrapping the baby bonus, abolishing Family Tax Benefit Part A for families who earn more than 80,000 as well as the clean energy supplement, just to name a few. In total Labor supported 20 of the 24 savings measures, but managed to cap the funding cut for ARENA to only 500 million dollars.

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Turnbull haunted by former MP’s stupidity

14484731_1271918269506284_6151465075642900081_nThe last thing Malcolm Turnbull needs right now is another member of his government causing him issues. So it’s come as a surprise that the latest to trip up was a former one. Once the member for Longman, Wyatt Roy was recently spotted in war torn Iraq, inspecting the Kurdish forces and visiting an acquaintance who is working on rebuilding the local community. His actions have been condemned as “stupid, irresponsible and bone headed” by ministers of the Government. However Wyatt has since stated that his actions were entirely legitimate, given his interest in the Kurdish people stretching back a number of years. This may not be the last time we  say this, but Wyatt will be back in the parliament soon.

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Review: Clinton and Trump go head to head in first debate

trump__clintonWith the Presidential race in full swing, the first of three debates concluded a short time ago. Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton went head to head with Republican nominee Donald Trump for the first time and the pair traversed many topics including trade, cost of living, taxation, race relations, online security, ISIS and international affairs.

Hillary Clinton began the debate very strong and grew comfortable as the hour and a half rolled along. Despite being the first to degrade her opponent with a personal attack on his wealth, Mrs Clinton pursued him on issues such as his tax returns, race relations and his loose use of facts in certain issues. Hillary spent time juxtaposing her tax policy against Trumps and rallied against “trumped up trickle-down economics.” Clinton faced pressure as trump sought to raiser her email scandal into the debate, which attracted a large reaction from the audience. 

Donald Trump also began strong and managed to align the debate to the values which he has been discussing for some time; the economy, the nation’s debt, manufacturing and job creation. However the debate began to unroll at around the 30 minute mark, when he remarked that “Hillary has been fighting ISIS her whole life.” The comment was a perplexing one, seeing as though ISIS has only been in existence since 2014. Towards the end Trump would interrupt the moderator to speak for minutes at a time to “correct the record” on his tax affairs and his support of the Iraq war, leaving him to look under-prepared in what presented as an untidy monologue.   


The next debate will take place on October 10. In coming weeks we will publish several stories on the American election, to give you an insider look at why it’s not going to be easy for Hillary Clinton to become the next President of the United States of America.

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Backpacker tax slashed

applesWhen the Treasurer Scott Morrison delivered his first budget in May, a few issues caused concern for his backbench. One of those was a hike in the income tax that was required to be paid for international backpackers looking for work whilst holidaying. Morrison announced this morning that following consultation, the rate of tax would be slashed from 32% to 19%.

Morrison has been quite adamant in stating that if the tax was to be slashed, revenue must be found from somewhere else; the government will make up the shortfall by increasing the passenger movement charge by $5 as well as changes to international superannuation. Morrison announced the changes together with a reduction in the cost of applying for a working visa. The changes are designed to encourage more backpackers to come to Australia.

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